As I rose from my bed on a crisp winter morning

to go about my day’s duties, I heard her.  

Standing in the market where I merchandized machines, I realized that I must heed her summons.  

I heard her beckoning me, as she does most every day, with a voice that pierces me with an eagle’s cry, unearths me with the howl of a wolf, yet soothes me with the trickle of a brook.  

The sound of her invitation alone intoxicated me.

Stealing away hours that belong to my creditors, I took early leave of my servitude in anticipation of our rendezvous.  

After changing into some more suitable attire, I rambled to where I knew I would find her.  I paused where the road passes between ocean and mountain and there began my ascent.

On the lower part of the trail, I hoped to meet her, but, to my dismay, there I found only a primly dressed photographer milling about the frozen mountain stream, hoping to capture her elusiveness.  

But I know she cannot be confined by frame  any more than one can shackle the rainbow.

So onward and upward I trudged through the blanket of righteousness.  

“Be still,” I said to myself.  

“Has she waited for me up around this bend?” 

But, to my disappointment, it was a skier awkwardly waddling about the trail, aspiring only to better himself with her acquaintance.

Again, onward and upward until at last I reached the summit.  

The silent storm fell fast, but there were her footprints in the snow.  

The branches about the trail, barren of snow, told me the story of her recent and gracious passing.


Turning to the precipice, I saw her.  

She smiled at me.  

She embraced me…enveloped me.  

Her beauty energized my spirit.  

Her breath sent shivers across my body.  

Her words enriched my soul.  

I did not wish to seem as others who only deprehend her and confiscate her wealth.  

So  I communed unto her the redemption of Creation.  

Long after the sun took its place of rest in the west, I expressed that I was but part of the first fruits of all creatures who share the same breath of God.  

All night I stayed, and we praised God together.

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  1. Tammy says:
    I like this a lot. The personification is still mysterious even as we leave the scene. That concept alone speaks of secrets in the heart.
    The scene as you pass people only skimming the surface of what lies there waiting so calls out to us to LIVE, and reach, and trudge, and climb……

    SO well done. I venture I will read this one often.