Solomon’s Song

I am asleep, but my soul wakes.

By night, upon my bed

I seek her whom my soul loves.

To look upon your countenance,

To hear your voice,

To feel the velvet of your skin.

I find a rose amongst thorns,

For so is my beloved

Amongst the daughters of men.

You ravage my heart with one

Turn of your head;

With one look from your eyes.

You kiss me with the kisses of your mouth.

Your love is better than wine,

And your lips drip like the honeycomb.

Rise up, my love, my fair one.

Come away with me.

When winter passes and spring rains come.


We will venture into the forest and fields

To see if the deer has fawned

To see if the mountain maple buds…

Or we can leave winter forever behind us,

If it pleases my love,

To seek our pleasures in the Southland.

Rise up and come away with me,

My Love, my dear one,

Let us make our home amongst the maples and cedars.

I know I am only dreaming.

Never awaken me,

Unless my dream pleases you.