Moon Man

The sun sinks on the horizon.

The darkness creeps across my sin.

I think on how you flew away,

Ascending on that distant day.

I could not fly quite fast enough

On my own as winds were rough.

I search for a glimmer of hope.

I pray for a glimmer of hope.

So to the sky I look and lo!

A glowing crest begins to grow,

And I can see my way around

As I progress upon the ground.

It is the moon with gleaming beam.

A beaming sliver from it’s seem.

Like smiling lips that face the day

Which yonder there still fades away.

Though darkness overtakes this place

Let me reflect your truth and grace.

They wear the night but let them see

The mirror man I long to be.

I will illumine all I can.

As a satellite… A moon man

As I begin to illumine

The darkness cannot comprehend.

That the night sky displays your sign

Instructing me, “Increase the shine!”

You know my pain. You know my loss.

You suffered darkness on the cross.

My light is real. Don’t let them see

The man… the moon… but You… in me.

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  1. Tammy says:
    Yes! So lovely! And a very similar message! I wonder if we wrote it at the same time? This one has you smiling contentedly at the end.