Orion Falls


Though a veil has been unfurled

between the realms of flesh and spirit,

for those who can discern it,

there are thin places in this world.


Some, sacred for the fallen warrior

who’s blood seeped deep into the sod.

And some are consecrated by God;

thin by decree of Nature.


In such a place she came to me,

the seventh star of pleidees.

Her passions brought me to my knees

within a grove of maple trees.


In mystic place where immortals stand,

under the power of this nymph

I swooned as autumn leaves fall limp

onto the sod of sacred land.


This, to her, was unappealing.

Perceiving my mortal weakness,

she gave to me a poisoned kiss

and left me without hope of healing.


There I sat, day after day,

often climbing Jacob’s ladder.

Heaven’s gate I beat and battered

and then resigned myself to pray


Autumn now has turned to winter.

I would the ladder were a staircase

for lightning never struck the same place.

This thin place, my sepulcher.