Monthly Archives: November 2012

From Alabama to Maine; The Appalachian Mountains Have Always Been My Home

My heritage is that of the frontiersmen. I do not say this with a great degree of pride because it meant that the Hays family was never very settled. Every generation sought to push into the next frontier. We were settled in America 100 years before it was a country. We were settled into Tennessee …

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The Discovery of True Time Travel

  Everyone has seen the science-fiction movies or read the novels concerning time travel. Typically someone who is very intelligent in matters of science has a traumatic event in his life that he wishes he could go back and change, so that he can relive or extend the happy moments of his life. The twist …

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The Elephant and the Ass

    The ass is known as a stubborn creature but he has a greater vice to wit stubbornness but a byproduct. The root of his stubbornness is laziness. There was once an ass as crafty as any serpent. He had a great head for business so he and his herd settled in a fertile …

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