The Discovery of True Time Travel


Everyone has seen the science-fiction movies or read the novels concerning time travel. Typically someone who is very intelligent in matters of science has a traumatic event in his life that he wishes he could go back and change, so that he can relive or extend the happy moments of his life.

The twist in the plot typically comes when he is faced with the realization that time travel has rules. He discovers that every little thing he changes in the past has a rippling effect with unforeseen and, often, devastating effects in the version of the future that he has come from and accepts as reality. In some cases, there is a wise guide directing their travel, to warn against interacting with the past. Ultimately, the result is that they learn that they must except the past for what it is, because it is what shapes us and those we know and love, into the people that they are.

How many times have you wished you could go back in time and change an event? Take back a harsh word, correct a poor decision, or prevent a tragedy?

What if I told you that there is just such a machine. A machine that allows you to travel through time and live in time dimensions other than the present. Would you want to go? Where would you go in time and why?


Well, I have discovered just such a machine for myself. One that I am only now learning to master. I feel it is now time that I publish its discovery. I call it a discovery because I cannot truly claim to have invented it. It was there all the time. We simply have not known it for what it is, and it has not been utilized. Those who have dared give themselves wholly to it have often lost themselves to this present life, and met some tragic end. Therefore, I advise you to continue reading at your own risk.

See, I had an epic and tragic period in my life. I suffered the death of a child and a friend, I lost my family and career, I lost my reputation amongst those who’s opinions had come to mean so much to me; even Love herself forsook me. In a relative instant the life I had known came crashing down in a wave. The harder I tried to reclaim some joy in my life, the further it slipped away from me, like a flailing man in the watery drink reaching for the drifting debris of his sunken ship. 

It was then that I began searching for a method of time travel and discovered the time machine. As those who had discovered it before, it almost brought me to my ruin. For, you see, just like the time machines in science fiction, there are rules that govern this time travel.
Despite the restrictions, it is a glorious and life enriching device if you can adhere to some simple guidelines.
So, before I discover the device to you, and you go running off for your personal adventure through time, let me innumerate to you its restrictions and it’s dangers.

First. You cannot change the past. If you try, you will cease to exist.

Second. You must return to the present. You cannot live in the past. Because, in true time travel you can only live the moment for which the time machine is set. It is not a reset button. You can’t go back and start over again! If do not return to the present; if you try to remain in the past, you will cease to exist.

Finally. It is strongly recommended that you avoid time travel back to the tragedies in your life, unless there is some spiritual or therapeutic reason for which you must do so, and then only once. Because, as I have said, you cannot change it. And the danger of getting stuck in the loop of that single moment is far greater in time travel to moments of great tragedy. You will be forced to relive that tragic moment over and over again until you cease to exist.

For these reasons, I have hesitated to publish this discovery for some time. The possible benefits that I have discovered for proper time travel are so beneficial, however, that it would be criminal for me to keep this revelation from the broken souls struggling as I did.
The good news is that you can travel back to the beautiful times. Sure, you cannot stay there either, but it is not as one watching a movie. You can feel what you felt in time travel, really relive the moment, and not just view it as a spectator in a theatre. It is wondrous to reclaim the joys of those past moments, to truly experience them again, so long as you avoid the temptation to stay, because it is a moment in time and not a new beginning, not a do over. 

It is for this reason I must share this mode of transport with all those who are hurting from the losses of life. If you avoid the pitfalls of time travel, you can reclaim, and relive the joys of your past. 

But please learn from my mistakes.

I had not the luxury of the above guidelines when I first began to take trips through time. For some sick twisted reason, I insisted on going back to the tragedies in hopes of rescuing my past from destruction. Each time I traveled to those dark and desperate destinations in time, I relived the pain, saw the hurt in my loved one’s eyes and was again helpless to do anything about it. I would double over in pain just as agonizingly as when the first time Love and Joy were ripped from my chest.
But I continued to go there, until I began to fade from existence. If that tragic year had been my downfall, my time traveling was beginning to destroy what remained of my soul.

Then, one day, a man- not knowing that I had discovered time travel- said something that sparked an epiphany in my mind. It was quite simple really, and I am sure he meant nothing profound about it, but as he recounted the losses of his past to me he said, “I wish I could relive the good times and not dwell on the failures and pain.”

I then realized that I was not taking advantage of this wonderful discovery that I had made. Why, if traveling back to the tragedies made me feel the pain just as real as the very first time, could I not set my destination in my time machine to the beautiful moments and experience their overwhelming emotions just as tangibly?

And so I set my time machine to destinations of the most beautiful of moments; moments that I will not degrade by describing here. I tried to live there in the time loop as well, but soon discovered that doing so would erase my existence from the pages of present time just as surely as the tragic moments.


But! (and I have kept the most wondrous news for last)

Every time I returned to the present from the beautiful moments of my past, I found that, while I could not change the past, my traveling there was altering my present. Reincarnations of my joyous past began to manifest themselves in my present. Faces of those dead- either literally or figuratively dead- that I had mourned the passing of for so long began to reveal themselves to me again in the smiles of others.

Perhaps the most perceptive of you have already, through my descriptions, begun to discover my time machine yourself, but I will no longer speak in veiled hints but tell you plainly that your memory is the time machine. Unlike manmade machines, this machine is always running. You can set your destination to what ever point in your visited history you wish! But chose wisely and be advised; if you do not plot your destination, the time machine will choose one for you. For whatever reason, your memory’s default setting is on your tragedies. So you must be deliberate in your choice. Travel to the beauteous moments and return to us enriched, for it is here in the present where your retrieved joys of the past will be manifest and multiplied.

Godspeed on your travels!


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  1. Kate says:
    Very beautiful story, Jonathan. I couldn’t stop reading till I get to the end, a re-read it second time today 🙂 You need to write a book, a story tale. I think you would do great at it!

    Admirer of your talent,
    Kate 🙂