Daily Archives: January 21, 2014

Solomon’s Song

I am asleep, but my soul wakes. By night, upon my bed I seek her whom my soul loves.   To look upon your countenance, To hear your voice, To feel the velvet of your skin.   I find a rose amongst thorns, For so is my beloved Amongst the daughters of men.   You …

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This Poet’s Life is Love

“A poet’s death is life” I’ve heard it often said, A poet’s work revered Only when he is dead.,   For some this may be true Who write for wealth and fame. Some have other motives For all are not the same.   Some write for accolades To laud themselves above. I write to please …

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Test of Time

Time has conquered Egypt Grand Rome and Babylon. Time has conquered idols Which crumble and are gone.   Conquered architecture Collapsing in decay. Time has conquered the light It daily falls away.   Like water on the stone Time has worn on the heart. A giant in the dale, He challenged from the start.   …

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