The Norseman, Chapter 2

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The morning sun was bursting forth from its house in the east when Andor reentered the village. The townspeople were busily dusting the night’s blanket of snow from the cobblestone walkways.

Andor came to stand in the center of the village square. His vision was a burning fire in his core. He beckoned all the citizens and elders of Gilby together. Once all had been gathered together, Andor announced his intentions.


After sharing his theophany with them, he announced; “Be it known to all, that I will journey north until I reach the top of the world. I am seeking companions for this undertaking, but I can only promise adventure to those who join me.”

The townspeople loved Andor. Many sought to dissuade him; saying such things as, “you don’t know how far, how cold, how to sail, or how long it will take… People just don’t do this type of thing anymore.”

But there were some amongst the youths of Gilby that were stirred by his vision. Three fine young men committed themselves to Andor’s expedition.

The first to volunteer was Von, a life long friend of Andor.

Then Esket joined in as well, being very similar to Andor in spirit.

The third and final addition to the expedition was Ragnar, the burliest of all Andor’s friends.

When it was apparent that the cauldron of adventure had been brought to a boil by Andor’s fire, Faas, the city elder offered his blessing. On condition that the youths prepared themselves for the journey by education, he also offered to finance the expedition with gold from the village coffers.

“Down in the Southerland” Faas required, “there is schooling for seafarers. There you will find the preparation you need.”

So down to Southerland Andor went, accompanied by his friends. They daydreamed aloud to each other of what peril and excitement their expedition might entail.

In Southerland the brave young lads were instructed by the most notable professors; especially the renowned Vidkum. Vidkum had recently returned from adventures to the Mediterranean Sea. He had returned with a revolutionary invention called the compass.

“With this compass,” Vidkum explained, “there is no longer a need to rely on such primitive methods as star gazing to direct our course. When the constellations are concealed by the cloak of the mist or the light of the sun, You can move forward to your destination with confidence, knowing that the compass will always point you north -to your destination.

“But how will I know when I have reached the top of the world?” Andor asked Vidkun.
“While no one can say for sure, I would presume that the compass will be of great benefit in determining the very spot. There, the needle will spin, not knowing which way to turn. A step forward and the compass will point behind. A step to the left and the compass will point to the right. This is how you know you have reached the northern tip of the world.”