Monthly Archives: September 2014

Halo Disturbance: Why there isn’t more wildlife in your local park.

Jonathan Nathaniel Hayes A Critical review of Anthropogenic Halo Disturbances Alter Landscape and Plant Richness: A Ripple Effect 9/23/14 In this interesting study, researchers investigated the hypothesis that recreational areas have a “halo disturbance effect” deeper into the forest area than just the edge habitat. Far from being the next installment of a popular …

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A critical Review of Current Ecological Thinking for Conservation, and it’s application to Baxter State Park.

Jonathan Nathaniel Hayes A critical review of Implications of Current Ecological Thinking for Biodiversity Conservation: a review of the Salient Issues September 13, 2014 It was with great interest that I read the article under consideration in this review. Having seen the application of a “hands-off” approach to conservation in my professional career- and …

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The Ecology of Commerce.

Jonathan Nathaniel Hayes My Reflections on The Ecology of Commerce
 By Paul Hawken September 13, 2014 “The promise of business is to increase the general wellbeing of humankind through service, a creative invention, and ethical philosophy. Making money is, on it’s own terms, totally meaningless, an insufficient pursuit for the complex and decaying world …

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