Hudson Stuck on the Westernization of the World

Dogsledding explorer, the first to climb Mount McKinley, Episcopal Missionary, and a personal hero of mine, Hudson Stuck once wrote:
“The time threatens when all the world will speak two or three great languages, when all the little tongues will be extinct and all the little peoples swallowed up, when all costume will be reduced to a dead level of blue jeans and shoddy and all strange customs abolished. The world will be a much less interesting world then… The advance of civilization would be a great thing to work for if we were quite sure what we meant by it and what its goal is.”
He wrote these words 120 years ago…
How prophetic were his words!? How prophetic and how sad!
Hudson Stuck

If only other missionaries of his time were so attuned as he to respecting local peoples and indigenous cultures- if they had all understood that the world must not be westernized to be christianized!
It is not too late.