Monthly Archives: April 2017

SELF-CONTROL: A Dan Direach of Rialú Féin

Forbearance and Temperance Should crown the adventurous Force tward foes. Love tward ladies. Tward thyself show forbearance. Commander, command thyself Let that be our legacy For the man in the mirror Is the greatest enemy Abstain so that you may guard The honor of chaste women Restrain self indulgent men Refrain self, do not offend …

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MAJNUN: Masnavi of a Madman

My kinsmen suggest I’m a madman possessed drained daily by disquieted love, obsessed. A love that your father resolved to oppress And turned me away without hope of redress. He foolishly gifted a jewel to a rose And hid you away in the place undisclosed. Therefore I withdrew from where I was reviled Assigned to …

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