Return to Eden

While my body sleeps, my soul seeks for you
At the confluence of these two rivers-
that watery womb of this lush valley-
I find you, where I found you once before

In your eyes I see, predator and prey
I see the devourer and the devoured
We are, at once, excited and anxious
Wanting to feast, and be feasted upon

Your eyes invite me to taste your blood lips
That is all the invitation I need
Giving in, I let loose the locks of love
Longing once more for my paradise lost

Like a lion I seize you in my arms
Your legs entangle me like a boa
The heat of passion that burns between us
melts away the garments that conceal us

Kiss by kiss, bite by bite, you consume me

Come once more to me. Heal our heavy hearts
Unlock the gates. Let me enter Eden
into your secret and fertile garden.
Let us take our fill of the fruits of love

Let me kiss you. Let’s begin again.