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The Four Beasts of “The Seven Swords” of Master Fiore- 14th Century

Behold! we are four distinguished animals with these traits Who, for instance, strongly reminds that he is able in arms; He wants to be clear and even shining brightly with honesty. This Master with these swords signifies the seven blows of the sword. And the four animals signify four virtues, that is prudence, celerity, fortitude, …

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Preface to “The Flower of Battles” by Master Fiore in 14th Century Italy

Fiore Friulano de’i Liberi of Cividale de Austria in the diocese of Aquileia, son of Sir Benedetto, wishes health in the name of the Lord and a prosperous realization of their desires to all who want to learn the play of arms on foot or on horse… Accordingly, we begin to explain our purpose with …

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Master Johannes Liechtenauer’s Prologue to His Zettel (or poem) entitled “The Chivalric Art of Fencing” from the early 15th Century

Germany- 15th Century This is a general introduction for the unarmored fencing on foot, so remember this correctly. Young knight learn, to love god and women, so your honour may grow. Practice chivalry and learn arts that adorn you as well as serving you in conflict. Wrestle well, bear glaive, spear, sword and knife manfully …

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