The Four Beasts of “The Seven Swords” of Master Fiore- 14th Century

Behold! we are four distinguished animals with these traits
Who, for instance, strongly reminds that he is able in arms;
He wants to be clear and even shining brightly with honesty.

This Master with these swords signifies the seven blows of the sword. And the four animals signify four virtues, that is prudence, celerity, fortitude, and audacity. And whoever wants to be good in this art should have part in these virtues.

Everything born under the sky will be discerned with my eyes; I, the lynx,
I conquer by measurement whatever it pleases me to attempt.

I, the tiger, am quick in the hunt and roll the quick ones back in their orbit
That even the thunderbolt from heaven cannot overtake me.

None carries a more ardent heart than me, the lion,
for I welcome all to meet me in battle.

I am the elephant and I carry a castle as cargo,
And I do not kneel nor lose my footing.