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The introduction to “The art of Swordsmanship” by the 15th Cnetury Italian master, Philoppo Di Vadi Pisano

Let us begin then to explain our intention, with the aid and grace of the omnipotent God whose name will be blessed forever… Reminding and admonishing all, in plain words, to not dare attempt this art and science unless they are bold, generous and full of courage. Wisdom, strength and boldness act With him who …

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THE CROSS- from “The Art of Swordsmanship” by Italian master Philoppo Di Vadi Pisano- 15th Century

The Cross I am the Cross with the name of Jesus My sign is made both in front and behind To find many more defenses. If I find myself against a different weapon, I do not lose my way, this has been proven This I often go looking for. And when I find a long …

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The opening Words of the 15th Century German Master, Peter Falkner’s “The Art of Chivalrous War”

Young Knight, learn to love God and Women Honor them and speak well of Leaders With Manhood as one should, thus raise your honor. Practice Knighthood and learn Art that decorates you In war joining them in honor.

I am the Bear- from “The Art of Swordsmanship” by Italian master Philoppo Di Vadi Pisano- 15th Century

  The Elements of the Knightly Warrior. I am the bear- turning here, there, up and around… I am the ram- always vigilant, always ready to butt… My right is a serpent- bold and deadly… My left is a greyhound- thrusting quickly My right foot is the sun- making great turns, and returning to its …

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From the Talhoffer Fechtbuch (or Master Hans Talhoffer’s Fight book) of the 15th Century

Thereupon speaks Hans Talhoffer: The good man must speak up for the truth – even when falsehood is commonplace. There are seven causes wherefore a man has a duty to fight: The first is Murder The second is treason The third is heresy The fourth is becoming an encourager of disloyalty to one’s lord. The …

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From The Fellowship of Liechtenauer- by Master Paulus Kal of Germany- 15th Century

God, thou Eternal Word, help the body here, the soul there. I have eyes like a hawk, so you do not deceive me. I have a heart like a lion, so I strive forward. I have feet like a deer, so I can spring to and fro… Praise be Mary and her child and all …

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