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Al-Tawil of the Moon

In the forest, alone tonight The shadows dance with your moonlight The moon, the earth’s great satellite Illuminates, to my delight The icy crystals, you excite The darkest forest, you ignite In this, your glow, our souls unite Embrace me here till the twilight

The Warrior Poet- Dán Díreach Poetry

When, at long last, I decided to stop reading and meditating on the Chivalric Code and to begin the work of the creative process, I felt so passionately about it that I decided to find a complex poetry form from Europe, and from the time period in history when Chivalry was being codified, to lend …

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MERCY: A Dan Direach of Tròcair

Blessed are the merciful- They are true nobility- For they shall receive mercy This is God’s great guarantee Give it- Never plead for it- In noble knightly fashion Cowards are cruel in combat Courageous show compassion When we fail in courtly love May Mercy bear us witness May Grace prepare her banquet Where we feast …

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LOVE: A Dan Direach of Gaol

Love- The bond of unity- Calls us to integrity Lifts souls out of poverty Manifests Divinity We war- not for hate of those whom against us have aligned We war for the selfless love Of those at home behind I will that I will not love Self in my queen’s company but love her in …

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JUSTICE: A Dan Direach of Ceartais

May justice flow like rivers With ravenous wanderlust And let judgment fall like rain On the just and the unjust Those of us who bare the sword Know peace has not come bloodless We bare not the sword in vain Armastice comes by justice We covenant our courage War prowess and power To protect the …

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DISCERNMENT: A Dan Direach of Lèirsinn

Power to see the unseen Free my mind from internment Grant me this gift of wisdom- Spiritual discernment Just as the scorched and salty Sailor reads the firmament Teach me to read the battle read rivals in tournament You call to me with sweetest voice To love in peace and quiet But if I scorn …

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PERSERVERANCE: A Dan Direach of Buanseasmhacht

Though I fall I shall arise For falling is not failing Where some survive, I will thrive Into the tempest sailing Two parents- Plenty and Peace Cradle their quibbling Coward But Suffering and Hardship Raise Warriors empowered When the Tempter tries our love And seeks our souls to sever We will welcome winds with wings …

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Honesty: A Dan Direach of Ionracas

By truth you are sanctified In knightly ascendency by no richer legacy than honest integrity In war too walk thou honestly but avoid transparency Walk truthfully with allies Shroud your steps from the enemy Only Speak the truth in love and learn, your tongue to harness May you learn that silence is The ally of …

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SUBMISSION: A Dan Direach of Taisceadh

The beauty of chivalry is a kind disposition from a man of great power- A knight’s willful submission Never ask, “Who shall serve me?” When joining in the battle Rather ask, “Whom shall I serve?” For God exalts the humble Submit all your might and main to your lady to command earn her favors, setting …

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VALOUR: A Dan Direach of Calmacht

O mighty men of valor Like Joseph and Pelagius In danger be thou daring Be fearless and courageous Death will not overtake you Until your God is ready So in battle- as in bed- Be steadfast and be steady May your maiden never fear- Though with her tears she sparges The champions favors who Into …

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