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GENEROSITY: A Dan Direach of Fhlaithiúlacht

Give freely and grow richer Or a pauper conservant Subsume this great arcane truth To become a knight savant In victory, give glory To your lord with reverence To your valiant warriors Give with great benevolence As touching your courtly love Meditate on this lection Try, as you may, to surpass Your lady’s great affection …

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LOYALTY: A Dan Direach of Dílseacht

The language of the Spirit flows from man with emotion unto those whom he favors Bearing fruits of devotion While a knight must pledge life In fealty and in fierceness His loyalty means nothing if not born of selflessness Your devotion to your dame Make evident and regnant Loyalty to your lady Culminates in covenant …

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Return to Eden

While my body sleeps, my soul seeks for you At the confluence of these two rivers- that watery womb of this lush valley- I find you, where I found you once before In your eyes I see, predator and prey I see the devourer and the devoured We are, at once, excited and anxious Wanting …

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Brenlee Through the lattice we can see- Smiling down on you and me With sparkling eyes of azure sea- Our love. Our Joy. Our Destiny. Our Brenlee.

SELF-CONTROL: A Dan Direach of Rialú Féin

Forbearance and Temperance Should crown the adventurous Force tward foes. Love tward ladies. Tward thyself show forbearance. Commander, command thyself Let that be our legacy For the man in the mirror Is the greatest enemy Abstain so that you may guard The honor of chaste women Restrain self indulgent men Refrain self, do not offend …

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MAJNUN: Masnavi of a Madman

My kinsmen suggest I’m a madman possessed drained daily by disquieted love, obsessed. A love that your father resolved to oppress And turned me away without hope of redress. He foolishly gifted a jewel to a rose And hid you away in the place undisclosed. Therefore I withdrew from where I was reviled Assigned to …

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Refugees and American Christians

Dear Christian friends, On the issue of the Refugee crisis from the “Muslim World” into our “Christian Countries” I have been noticeably silent. I have been troubled on this point for some time. Between researching scriptures and what God has been showing me through others, I have come to a conclusion on the matter and …

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Masnavi of Shirin and Farhad

There’s a place where two lovers sleep side by side- Up where the snow finally reaches the sky For love does not always unfold as it should And free will derails divine plans for our good. The trials we face and the problems to solve May serve to dissuade or to test our resolve. All …

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In your right hand you hold the scale. In your left, a two edged sword. In your judgement, men’s hearts fail and the fiction of their word. In your temple, without shame, I stand, without regalia. Although you’ve withheld your name I know you are Justilia. Your eyes are prophetic pools- discerning truth from lies. …

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Binding the Strong Man of the House: 
Does Christianity teach Pacifism?

Those who know me may find this hard to believe but I (a former U.S. Marine Infantryman that has studied Asian and- more recently- European martial arts from childhood) have been struggling intellectually with whether or not Christianity calls me to be a pacifist. I am a peace loving man and I’m not prone to …

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