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This Day I call to me

From Saint Patrick’s Breastplate -8th Century This day I call to me: God’s strength to direct me: God’s power to sustain me, God’s wisdom to guide me, God’s vision to light me, God’s ear to my hearing, God’s word to my speaking, God’s hand to uphold me, God’s pathway before me, God’s shield to protect …

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For My Shield

From Saint Patrick’s Breastplate -8th Century AD For my shield this day I call: Heaven’s might, Sun’s brightness, Moon’s whiteness, Fire’s glory, Lightning’s swiftness, Wind’s wildness, Ocean’s depth, Earth’s solidity, Rock’s immobility.  

The Four Beasts of “The Seven Swords” of Master Fiore- 14th Century

Behold! we are four distinguished animals with these traits Who, for instance, strongly reminds that he is able in arms; He wants to be clear and even shining brightly with honesty. This Master with these swords signifies the seven blows of the sword. And the four animals signify four virtues, that is prudence, celerity, fortitude, …

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Master Johannes Liechtenauer’s Prologue to His Zettel (or poem) entitled “The Chivalric Art of Fencing” from the early 15th Century

Germany- 15th Century This is a general introduction for the unarmored fencing on foot, so remember this correctly. Young knight learn, to love god and women, so your honour may grow. Practice chivalry and learn arts that adorn you as well as serving you in conflict. Wrestle well, bear glaive, spear, sword and knife manfully …

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The Warrior Poet- Dán Díreach Poetry

When, at long last, I decided to stop reading and meditating on the Chivalric Code and to begin the work of the creative process, I felt so passionately about it that I decided to find a complex poetry form from Europe, and from the time period in history when Chivalry was being codified, to lend …

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The Trichotomy of Chivalry

let us take a moment here to first look at the triquetra that is the Creator. Then we will explore the Triskelion that is Man. Finally we will recognize the trichotomy of Chivalry. The Triquetra of the Creator In the monotheistic, Abrahamic religious traditions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, there is only one God. While …

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Chivalry Codified: A Survey of the Sources

When many think of a warrior code, the “Bushido”- or the Japanese “Way of the Warrior”- is the first thing to come to mind. The bushido is the Code of virtues that the ancient Samaria warrior was to keep. While the virtues of the Bushido were exemplified in the ancient legends of the Samaria, they …

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The Siege Perilous: The Christian Warrior Ethos

When many imagine the age of chivalry, they think of movies watched, or books read. Stories of knights and ladies. Dragons and trolls. Robin Hood. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Or perhaps you envision, as I do, the romantic and epic scenes of Waterhouse paintings depicting courtly love and mystical ladies …

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Resurrecting the Christian Knight (an introduction to the Chivalric Code)

The valley was festooned with armor, weapons and chariots. And bones. The bones of fallen warriors were littered everywhere, half buried in the sand. There were vary many. And they were very dry. Not only had the bodies been severed in battle, but since that fateful day the wolves, the lions, the bears, and the …

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MERCY: A Dan Direach of Tròcair

Blessed are the merciful- They are true nobility- For they shall receive mercy This is God’s great guarantee Give it- Never plead for it- In noble knightly fashion Cowards are cruel in combat Courageous show compassion When we fail in courtly love May Mercy bear us witness May Grace prepare her banquet Where we feast …

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